Frequently Asked Questions

What does AAA Talent Agency do?

We build close relationships with Casting Directors, production houses, and industry clientele, keeping them up to date with actors development and achievements. We develop personal and honest relationships with our actors offering guidance in their careers and negotiating contracts on their behalf.

What age performers do you represent?

AAA represents performers of all ages.

Do I need experience?

Children under 14 years do not require any training or experience. However, for anyone over the age of 14, we would encourage applicants to gain workshop experience to enhance their performance skills. In addition, we encourage all artists to be prepared to work on unpaid projects for students and emerging film makers as, apart from building experience, you will also be developing strong and rewarding networks within the industry.

What fees does the agency charge?

We charge an annual administration fee which covers inclusion on our website. We also charge a commission on all fee earnings resulting from work generated by the agency.