About Us

Hi, we are Nick and Carina


We have a passion for the film industry and theatre, born out of our own love of acting on stage and screen. Together, we share a vision to manage an agency focused on building careers and establishing strong relationships between us and our actors and our clients, with strong principles of professionalism, trust and mutual respect.

We are absolutely committed to retaining the status of a "Boutique Agency". But what does that mean?

To us, it means that we will stay small enough to know everybody on our books, to be able to represent with knowledge and awareness of each of their abilities and their potential.

Whilst we believe in the importance of building our knowledge of each of our talent, we also value strong working relationships with casting agents and industry professionals, not only in South Australia, but Australia-wide. In order that we can encourage such people to come to us to fulfill their talent requirements, we need to be sure that we can offer a range of people and some diversity within each range of talent being proposed. Diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, height, hair colour, talent (dancing, singing, acting, etc) and so much more. Everyone on our books is totally unique.

We want casting agents and directors to be confident to come to us with the secure knowledge that we can satisfy their requirements. Our aim is to be known as reliable, approachable and professional as well as an agency that has a comprehensive range of actors with a diverse range of talents.