January to March 2018

Hallett Cove


6 to 8 places per course, for ages 16+

8x3-hour sessions or 4x6-hour sessions


(2 Weekends in Jan)

13th & 14th January and 20th & 21st  January
10:00am to 5:00pm


(4 Saturdays in Jan/Feb)

27th January and 3rd, 10th & 17th February
10:00am to 5:00pm


(8 Mondays in Feb/March)

22nd & 29th Jan, 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th Feb and 5th & 12th March
7.00pm to 10:00pm

Fee: $475 ($375 if represented by AAA Talent Agency)


A maximum of 4 places per session, for ages 16+

Delegates must have attended the 'Essence of Acting' course

2 evenings, by appointment, throughout February and March

7:00pm to 10:00pm

Fee: $400 ($200 if represented by AAA Talent Agency)

  • $50 deposit payable on booking to secure your place on any of the above courses.
  • The balance of course fees is payable at commencement of course.
  • It is important that all sessions are attended as the classes are sequential. If any sessions are missed, the full fee for the course remains payable, but you can catch up in another workshop for a fee of $25 per 3-hour session.


Weekly drama classes held on Tuesdays in Hallett Cove - Enrolments are accepted throughout the term. For ages 10 to 17

For further information, please call Carina on 0411 028 466 -or send an email to



For stage and screen actors, but concentrating on techniques for film and television.

Suitable for actors with all levels of experience.

Eight 3-hourly sessions spread over 4 full days or 8 evenings.

Delegates accepted from age 16. Course includes material with adult content.

Our aim is to introduce you to many acting tools, in a safe environment, so that you may draw upon them to perform at a professional level. As professional actors, you are always learning and practising your craft. This course is essential for you and us, as your agents, to discover your strengths. Whilst on the course you will:

  • Explore and practice the techniques of some of our teachers, past and present, and then identify what works best for you,

  • Look at the psychology of human relationships and behaviour,

  • Explore methods for script analysis and breaking down the text,

  • Consider how to approach the development of character work,

  • Understand what is expected at auditions, what casting agents and directors are looking for and how to be remembered,

  • Discover the do’s and don’ts on a professional set,

  • Enhance acting skills for screen,

  • Explore a variety of scripts, including a monologue, duologues, short scripts and advertisements,

  • Develop essential improvisation skills.

  • Focus on relaxation to help deal with nerves and build confidence,

  • Film and review performances. (The material filmed during the course may not be suitable for show reels)

  • Prepare material that can later be filmed for inclusion in show reels. (Filming for show reels is an option – costs apply).

  • Develop a trusting working relationship with Nick and Carina so they can get to know you and you can get to know them.

The 8 sessions are sequential and attendance, at all dates, is essential to complete the course.


Suitable for actors with all levels of experience, aged from 7 to 10 years.

Two 3-hourly sessions spread over 2 days


Suitable for actors with all levels of experience, aged from 10 to 15 years.

Two 5-hourly sessions spread over 2 days

The Dramatic Kids and Youth Workshops are a condensed version of the 'Essence of Acting’ Workshop that have been adapted to include appropriate content.


Film a scene for your Show Reel in two 3-hourly sessions

Suitable for those who have completed the  ‘Essence of Acting’, 'Youth' or 'Dramatic Kids' Workshops.

  • Practise skills previously learnt in the 'Essence of Acting' Workshop.

  • Practice your continuity and acting skills and experience what it is really like acting in front of the camera.

  • Develop script interpretation, character analysis and character interactions.

  • Work on duologues and film them.

  • Develop improvised scenes, then work with a script.

  • Develop a scene that will be filmed and could then be used as part of your show reel.


Weekly Drama Classes held on Tuesdays in Hallett Cove

Kismet drama teaches children many aspects of acting such as Stage and Screen Skills for Theatre, Film and Television. The classes provide experience in characterisation, mime, improvisation, script analysis, stagecraft, screen skills and voice work giving the children the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination.

Acting is about observing and reacting to others so these classes help to develop student’s social skills, gain confidence and self-esteem. Students may need to commit to multiple terms to prepare for the stage production or the making of a film.


The term fees are worked out according to how many weeks are in the public school term. (Full term fees apply regardless of lessons missed). There will be one invoice made to the enrolling parent who is then liable to pay the fees.

$20 per class

Please note: Kismet Drama will have aperiod where the fees are increased to

$25 per class due to longer class time, (1½  hours) in readiness for the stage production.


Kismet Drama (9 and over)

Hallett Cove

5.00 - 6.00pm

Extended hours when preparing for a performance.

5.00 - 6.30pm



Nick and Carina, who run AAA Talent Agency, are both actors that have had many years of training and experience on the stage and screen as well as coaching and training professional actors.

Carina, apart from being an acting coach, is a qualified teacher and a trained counselor with many years of experience teaching in the regular classroom, working with children with special needs and teaching Physical Education and Drama privately.

Nick, an experienced, professional actor from England, with numerous, theatre, film and televison credits, has also been utilising his acting techniques to develop work skills in the world of commerce and is an experienced adult trainer.

Nick and Carina have now combined their knowledge to develop a program of courses that promote a unique and eclectic approach to developing and enhancing acting skills and techniques. Their approach works on the principle that there is no one way of developing a character or analysing a script, just the way that works for each individual actor at the time. They see that their job is to help the actor to understand the choices that are there to be made, to develop a multi faceted character and live truthfully in the moment - "making it real".

"You can never stop learning and we are thrilled to be working with so many actors helping them to develop their skills and follow their dreams. We enjoy the training environment not only as trainers, but also as participants and have shared some wonderfully enlightening experiences on courses. A wonderful example of this being: an acting workshop that we recently attended in London with Roberta Wallach, an acclaimed actress and acting coach. The techniques we learned from her provided us with yet another valuable tool to assist us in finding the 'soul' of our characters. By learning, we grow!"


At the end of our courses, we invite delegates to give us feedback on the course, the following are a selection of some of the many complimentary comments we receive:

Loved it!

It was a positive and safe environment in which I felt safe to take risks.

Everything was awesome, very well taught, Great individual attention.

Professionally delivered with great individual attention. Highly recommend it.

Please undertake the course, well worth it.

Supportive, relaxed, active. Very helpful, showing different techniques and options.

Hugely beneficial in a supportive and friendly environment.

Vibrant. Excellent teachers that know their stuff.

I think the relaxed atmosphere was perfect! It is essential to be trained by professionals, passionate about their techniques.

Confidence building, fun/relaxed atmosphere, intensive.

Just do it!